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Captive of a Commoner

C.J. Pastore
As a child, Alicia struggled to become independent from her meddlesome family. Now, with career success & a passionate relationship with real estate mogul Chase Reardon, being an adult isn’t so bad… until she’s attacked by a Russian drug lord coming after anyone connected to Chase. Trapped in lethal reprisals from Chase’s past, Alicia struggles to protect herself & those she cares about.

About the Author

C. J. Pastore lives in Manhattan with her husband and two children. When not pounding the keyboard and writing, she enjoys teaching, jogging, and reading. Elena Ferrante’s, My Brilliant Friend series and Henry and June by Anais Nin are just a few of many favorites. C.J. Pastore appreciates the raw writing of authors who have the courage to bare it all on the written page. The enjoyment of travel is a necessity for C.J. Immersing herself in other cultures, laughing, eating, and drinking with the local populace are favorite pastimes. Intrigued by the cornerstones of love, C.J. often records people’s answers to its essence and the hurdles that must be overcome to ensure that second chances spell success. She holds true to Anne Frank’s belief that “people are really good at heart,” and deems that whether walking in your own neighborhood or traversing the globe, the kindness and well-meaning wishes of others can be absorbed and reflected. As a former writer of curriculum and teacher mentor, C.J Pastore has published in TESOL Journal and Social Studies and the Young Learner. Articles on the global rights of children and letters on literacy have been published in The Citizen.
Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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