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Colony X

William Turnage
A space marine rescue mission on an uncharted alien planet goes horribly wrong. I’m Corporal Jeremiah Helgerson and my job is to find the source of the distress call and save the colonists. But no matter how well trained you are, missions never go as planned. Now we’re stranded, and they’re hunting us. Ferocious, unstoppable. And so very hungry.

About the Author

William Turnage has hiked through the jungles of Colombia and climbed the mountains of Peru to the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu. He's sand boarded down giant sand dunes in South America and skied through the Italian and Austrian Alps. He's scaled the slopes of Mount Parnassus in Greece to walk through the ruins of the Temple of Apollo and listen to the dead whispers of the Oracle of Delphi. William was born in Ashland, Virginia. He studied psychology and economics at the College of William and Mary and received an MBA from the University of Richmond. He competed in a Toughman boxing contest, studied Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and achieved the rank of second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. In 2008 William left a high stress job in investment banking, sold all his possessions, and moved to an exotic foreign country to be with the woman he loves. He spent nearly a decade on the sunbaked shores of Cartagena, Colombia. He currently resides on the coast of Florida with his beautiful wife and two children. William owns a thriving digital publishing business, managing three discount book websites, and publishes multiple novels under various pen names in a variety of genres every year. You can reach him and find more of his books at
Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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