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Healing the Gut Microbiome and Toxic Brain

Pureture HHP
Holistic Approach - How to heal your gut microbiome & understand its influence on the brain. Discover your common mistakes with simple strategies to heal. Top 5 Foods & Top 5 Supplements to naturally heal the gut. And Much More! FREE bonus gift inside book! 5 Star review "It provides a wealth of information that is clear, precise & easy to follow" - (Merry Jelks). Website:

About the Author

Pureture’s Bio After losing many friendships and partners, becoming depressed, and after the traditional/conventional medical system almost diagnosing me with being bi-polar, I finally said: “enough is enough!” I decided to take responsibility into my own hands to change completely, inside and out. Deep down, I knew there was a way to overcome and fix my health concerns with a more holistic approach. I wanted NOTHING to do with the pills and diagnoses because it strongly meant to me that they were only bandaids, and I wanted to address the root cause of why I was really feeling unhealthy and unworthy. So my studying began. After working closely with many mentors and applying many healthy practices, my major life transformation began. Pureture Wellness was founded 6 years after a profoundly intensive healing journey. Some of the biggest culprits for having a toxic life mentally and physically are exactly what Pureture strives to reveal to you while providing the most simple and cutting edge steps to implement in your life right away. So that you can be well on your way to detox, heal, and prevent a life full of toxic overload and instead reach optimal wellness through alternative and personalized medicine for the mind, soul, and body. “Healing the Future with Pure Nature”
Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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