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Higher Is Calling

Maxwell Adekoje
In times of obscurity, due to the global epidemic, inspiration becomes the mind's well-being. Hope is required to keep moving towards progress. Who we need to become must occur before we become to outlast any crisis. Every crisis will pass because it's temporary and seasonal.

About the Author

Motivational Speaker, coach, and best-selling author Maxwell Adekoje works with individuals and businesses to grow their communication, connection, and leadership to make a substantial change in the world. His unrelenting drive for empowering people has fueled maxwell's journey to success with several awards and achievements. Maxwell is known for passion, rocking the platform with over twelve years of training experience, making connections with audiences, and an unquenchable hunger for helping others attain their highest potential. After his success in the corporate and business world, he is on a mission to inspire and motivate people globally. When not writing, speaking, or training, Maxwell loves to create exquisite meals with his beautiful wife, Guzal Adekoje. They both have a passion for helping hungry young children around the globe. Max is proud to be a member of the John C Maxwell Team, Brain Tracy, and Les Bown's power voice. Maxwell’s life is a story of hard work, endurance, and inspiration. A great adventure underwritten by a perpetual self-belief, and readiness to always improve alongside working with others in a team to achieve shared goals. Originally born in Nigeria, Max first traveled to the USA young with $20 seeking the American dream. Like so many who began their working life and career in a new land, the first ventures in Max’s career in the United States were not a particularly great success. Ultimately, there were several failed attempts, but each one along the way served to grow his ambition and sense of belief in the promise of the United States, and what it could offer to him as a businessman and professional
Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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