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How to Raise Happy Kids

Vitaly Buchatsky
61 short chapters of expertly reasoned advice and practical tools for effective, loving child-rearing. Parenting techniques, such as setting a good example, encouraging cooperation, and recording children’s successes are effectively presented.

About the Author

After drawing hundreds of thousands of parents to his Facebook page, "How to Raise Happy Kids," Vitaly Buchatsky published his first book, which sold more than 25,000 copies in Israel in 12 months. A great achievement for a book that is now on its way to becoming a best-seller! Married with two kids, Vitaly holds a bachelor's degree in medical engineering and is a project manager at a start-up company that develops medical devices. Even before his first son was born, he realized that his work would not allow him much time at home. So, he decided to study parenting. He read thousands of articles and hundreds of books, listened to many lectures, went to workshops, and found that almost none of the experts talked about the connection between adult behavior and child development. In addition, no one gave simple, practical explanations about how to create a strong connection with one’s kids, even if you can only spend an hour a day together. When his son was a year old, Vitaly decided to begin sharing his conclusions on Facebook. Within six months he had 60,000 followers. Today, with over 100,000 followers, he decided to publish his first book based on his Facebook posts. At the same time, he founded the "Success Diary" in which the parent and/or the child write what they have accomplished each day. "Success is not always important," he explains, "the path is important. And this diary is about the path."
Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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