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Mooncatcher: Book One

Eric Klosner
The austere moon sailed in the ocean of darkness, looking more lonesome than ever. For when the life of a young woman arrives at a twisted crossroad, the old legend comes alive, and the mystery creeps its way in. And that’s when the Mooncatcher interferes.

About the Author

Eric Klosner is the author of the Mooncatcher series. Every time he writes something, the author wears the kind of expression one would have if one was going to save the planet from a dinosaur invasion. Passion. Attitude. Epicness. They’re all over his face. As of now, the author is working nonstop on a new project. This book that is supposed to save lives, cure diseases, and end wars around the world may cause some nervous meltdowns once it is unleashed upon the world. Truth be told, this project gives its creator too many chills. The amount of disses and shades that Eric has accumulated towards the world’s politicians, criminals, and even bloodthirsty terrorists nourishes his soul for he sees himself as a warrior of justice, peace, and harmony. Besides writing, Eric loves drinking black tea with a lot of sugar while listening to pop songs from the late 90s and posting silly comments about YouTube videos. All in all, Eric Klosner is a cool, laidback dude with the simple, modest dream of becoming one of America’s best-selling authors and one day making it on national news. He even has a suit and tie prepared for his first interview. What a humble dreamer. As for you, dear reader, if you enjoy diving into mystery and suspense, Native American legends and the enigma of DNA’s structure, heartbreak and trouble - and if you love fun and comedy as well - then welcome to Eric Klosner’s world. Entertainment? Guaranteed!
Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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