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Rough Currents

Michael Beashel
Jess Walsh is a working mother in 1831 New South Wales, managing the myriad of tasks for the innkeeper. her long-time husband Brian, ensuring all their work is done to the approval of “squire” Solomon Wiseman. Shady dealings, women’s determination, nature’s fury and pioneering struggle are all painted onto the canvas of the burgeoning Australian colony.

About the Author

Michael Beashel is an International Best-Selling Author in Historical Fiction Anthologies Sydney born to Irish forebears who immigrated to New South Wales in the 1860s and settled in Millers Point. Beashel was head of Asset Development for a global accommodation services company registered on the NY Stock Exchange and has struck a blow at senior levels in some of Australia's iconic construction In Southeast Asia, Beashel managed a construction division building apartments and hotels in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City. This industry, its characters, clients, trades people, designers and bureaucrats, have provided a rich material for his writing. He has an eye for the emergence of Sydney’s built form, from the early days of the colony to the present, and a love of construction. He says about his writing, “it’s a passion and I revel in using the building industry as a tapestry to weave a great tale seasoned with historic facts and with memorable characters.” Beashel’s five published novels and a novella in The Australian Sandstone Series showcase 19 century Sydney from the ground up and have garnered critical review. Unbound Justice the first novel has won No 1 In Amazon Rankings in HFA in three countries. A contributor to The Last Post and Afloat Magazines and he has appeared on ABC National Radio celebrating his novels. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Building) from Sydney’s UTS and is a member of Writing NSW. Beashel is currently working on his next project, a seventh novel set in the 19-century showcasing a major character from the first three books.
Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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