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The Initial Fold

Nick Adams
What would you do if you materialised inside an alien starship? It’s 2049, and NASA-sponsored physicist Edward Virr is on the cusp of man’s greatest breakthrough – the ability to fold space and travel faster than light.

About the Author

Nick Adams grew up in a small village near Maidstone in Kent, England and right from an early age was a fervent NASA, space and Apollo fan. After watching the first moon landing in 1969 and the subsequent moon missions that followed, he discovered science fiction books and cut his teeth reading Asimov, E. E. Doc Smith and Alan Dean Foster. In more recent times, Andy Weir and Peter F Hamilton to name but two, have joined them on the bookshelves. After serving in the British Army for several years, Nick became a publican, managing and later owning his own village pubs for a number of years before moving to Brisbane in Australia where he began writing his own space opera, and the Fold series was born. In late 2018 he returned to the UK, where the next adventures in the series evolved, along with the ‘Bache Loftt’ spin-off series. Nick writes the kind of stories he would like to read. The Fold Series is set a little in the future and based around upcoming NASA technology. The series features normal everyday people put into extraordinary circumstances, with realistic reactions, humour and language. After all, nobody would say ‘oops’ if a 14km-long alien starship de-cloaked next to them. Head over to his website to sign up to the Reader Group, and Nick will personally keep you up to date with his bi-monthly newsletters about what novels he’s currently reading, cover reveals, book launch dates and general progress on his current project.
Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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