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Christopher B. Owen
Aaron Webner is an aspiring filmmaker and confirmed atheist, resolute in his disbelief. Yet during a routine music video shoot, he meets and falls head over heels for the star of the video: Faith Carlyle. Just one problem, Faith is a devout Christian and the daughter of wealthy televangelist Aubrey Carlyle. Complications, to say the least, ensue.
Amanda Feyerbend
Officer Liz Lockhart has found purpose in protecting others. She’s found balance in life, love, and her career. All that changes when shots ring out and Liz fails to stop a mass shooter. She helps investigate alongside the detective and GBI agent working the case. There’s just one problem…they’re unknowingly chasing a pawn in a much deadlier game.
Samantha Deere for Soveressence
Discover the secrets taught for generations that can help you restore your energy and alleviate common ailments without using potentially harmful pharmaceutical drugs. Become more self-sufficient. Find out how to make herbal remedies for children, energy and sleep regulation, anxiety, immunity, beauty, sexual and reproductive health, and more.
Stacy Gold
Overworked entrepreneur Jules Martinez can't be one more guy’s rebound girl. Evan Davenport lost his job, dumped his fiancé, and hates his life. Each hit the trail solo in search of themselves, but Mother Nature has other plans and keeps shoving them in each other’s paths. Usually naked. When sparks fly, can they find what they’re looking for together instead of apart?
Serena Meadows
I hated Matt when I first met him, but the way he held me while I cried told me everything I needed to know. The wolf shifter in him would protect me. He would bring me home if I was ever taken, but does he love me enough to be with me forever?
Melinda Kucsera
A reluctant hero must unravel a deadly mystery while fighting to control his magic. If he fails, he'll lose his family and his life. How will he prevail in a world that hates and fears magic?
Miranda Rijks
Tamsin has recently married the much older Robin Featherstone. She knows Robin loves her, even if he is very close to his assistant, Mia. When Robin dies suddenly, his will is beyond shocking. One thing is clear, the family will go to any lengths to stop either Mia or Tamsin inheriting Robin’s estate. But a dark family secret may engulf them all…
Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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