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D. S. Wall
Agent Grace Madson, U.S. Attorney Charlotte West, and consultant Jace West uncover a plot to assassinate an influential U.S. politician. Their Special Investigations Unit has only nine days to determine who's the target and prevent the killing. But that's not all that's at stake. Powerful forces conspire to manipulate the upcoming presidential election with anarchy, propaganda, and terrorism.

About the Author

I'm a recovering Nuclear Engineer and MBA with 38 years' experience writing technical and professional documents of all kinds. I retired from the U. S. Navy as a civil servant in January 2020, expecting to become a gig-writer providing technical content to clients. I decided to sacrifice that boring life to write novels in my favorite genre — action-adventure-thrillers. I use real-life current events and places to bring realism and suspense to my stories and strive for technical accuracy in the details of my writing. Having lived and worked near the world's largest navy base my entire career, I've wondered why it hasn't been the target of terror attacks — or maybe it has been, and the public never knew. That thought was the basis for my debut novel, and I added a twist embodied in my Jace West character that most action-thrillers don't have. Jace develops an ability to sense things that others cannot and his wife and her partner on the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force use him to hunt down terrorists. My first novel with Jace, his Assistant U. S. Attorney wife, Charlotte, and Special Agent Grace Madson is called On American Soil: Jihad. It is Book 1 of my Preserve, Protect, and Defend series. Anarchy, a political thriller with a heavy dose of domestic terrorism is Book 2. Book 3, titled The Hunt, chronicles a cross-country chase of a notorious terrorist and will be published in the Spring 2022.
Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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